Pet Rescue CBD Oil 15ml

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CBD Pet Rescue

Our oil has no psycho-active effects or side effects, and it’s not possible for your pet to “overdose”.  Most owners drop CBD oil onto their pet’s food, into their mouth, or on their paws for your pet to lick off. As with humans, CBD supplement should be introduced slowly and increased gradually if required.


1 drop = 2.5mg CBD

We can only recommend guideline dosages as each animal is different, depending on their breed, weight and severity of the condition.

Small dog  (1-5kgs) 1-2 drops 2-3 times daily

Medium Dog (5-15kgs) 2-3 drops 2-3 times daily

Large Dog (15kgs +) 3-4 drops 2-3 times daily

We advise all pet owners to seek your vet’s advice if your pet is already taking prescribed medication.

Pet Rescue can be given to your dog by dropping it on their paws to lick off, droplets on the ground, on a treat or food.

Pet Rescue CBD Oil is different to Human CBD oil. Animals have more cannabinoid receptors throughout their endo-cannbinoid systems, so the Pet Rescue oil is less concentrated. Don’t mix them up!


PLEASE NOTE: The concentration of CBD in 15ml Bottles is the same as our previous 30ml bottles. Dosage to pets can now be halved as each drop is stronger than the previous 30 ml bottle.

Previous formula, 1 drop contained 1mg CBD

New Formula, 1 drop contains 2.4mg CBD

1 review for Pet Rescue CBD Oil 15ml

  1. Ruby Noonan

    I have been giving my dog Pet Rescue for 3 years now…He has Arthiritis of the pelvis…He is 9 years old now and still runs like a puppy….I found this oil to be excellent….

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