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Cbd Testimonials


RecoveryCBD Success Stories



CBD Oil for Humans: 

“Balance” is the word I’d use. I tried the hemp shots out myself before giving them to my teenage son who has Crohn’s disease. After a few days, I just happened to notice that my hay-fever / allergies had improved. They’d been out of kilter a lot lately and seemed to be getting worse but since taking the hemp shots along with some other sensible tweaks, I just feel so much better. Healthy, energetic, positive and balanced.
As I’m approaching menopause, my hormones have been all over the place, sometimes making me feel like I was slowly going insane. Just recently I decided to try the oil as I’d enjoyed the daily shot of hemp in my smoothies, I thought, definitely worth a try. And it is. I’m feeling so much better… calm, clear and again, I’ll say it… balanced

Jackie Phipps March 2017


I have suffered from depression or low moods for years, I noticed it getting worse lately, waking up in the morning feeling a sense of doom and what's it all about etc. It was really starting to interfere with all aspects of my life, I started looking into natural remedies and after a chance conversation with Neil decided to try CBD oil. I'm so glad I did!!! Almost instantly and subtly I became me again, the mornings are particularly better, no more doom and gloom. I can cope better with day to day living, its subtle and in no way do you feel like you're out of it!! You just feel better!! 

Shelly, Co Wicklow


Thank you Neil for supplying me with CBD shots. I have been taking them every morning for the last month and can really feel the benefits from them, the pains have eased from my arm and I feel more relaxed. Thank you again


Love Kyran 


Hi Neil, He is taking the shots every morning and wow - energy levels are through the roof and overall feeling better. The father-in-law has been taking the oil and said he's sleeping great (he has sleep apnea and sleeping has been a big problem). Again energy levels up and an improvement in pain levels with both his hip and back. Overall great - I'll keep you updated,

Jay, Co Wicklow


I have been using the CBD oil for the last month or so and not for any particular reason, I just decided to include it as a dietary supplement and to see how I got on with it. I've noticed a definite increase in energy levels and I am sleeping much better. The oil is strong and I only take a couple of drops, morning and evening. Happy days!

Paul, Dublin


I bought the oil for my mum who suffers badly with Arthritis. We started off by taking 4-5 drops three times a day. Within a couple of days the pain had eased and she continues to improve. We are actually using less of the oil now and only twice daily. She is sleeping better and her mood has improved. I am so happy to have found this natural solution! 

Thanks for steering me in this direction

Ivan, Dublin


I have been taking the hemp shots for the last two months. I know that every morning I am starting my day in a really healthy way. I do a lot of horse riding and always had pains in my knees which was very obvious when getting up and down from my horse. These pains have gone, I feel happier and healthier. Thank you Recovery CBD!

Evelyn, Co Wicklow


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CBD Oil for Pets


"Trigger has been with me every step of the way, through good times and bad times, happy times and sad times, always there, my confidant, my comfort, my constant companion. A great friend for me and my boys. Needless to say, it was heart-breaking seeing him becoming stiff and sore, suffering from arthritis in his old age. When Trigger started going off his food, and was down in the dumps, it really hit home and I thought that there was little I could do other than going down the pharmaceutical/multiple medication route, or possibly even surgery. Neil suggested that I try CBD pet rescue/cannabis oil. I know Neil and I trust him, so once he explained the benefit and that there was no psycho-active effects so Triggs wouldn’t be “stoned”, I decided to give it a go.
We had to persevere a little bit initially as the original drops were not exactly to his taste! We began by giving him 2 drops of oil with food morning and evening, but increased to 3 drops twice a day. The effect is obvious, he is back on his walks and his movement is much easier. He is still a bit stiff on occasion but is much more like his old self, happy and content. This is all I could want for him at this stage of his life – to be with him and care for him in the most natural of ways – using a plant. Brilliant! Could not recommend CBD Pet Rescue enough

Nicky Mc Hugh


Rambo is my 8 year old pug, and the love of my life! He has been epileptic since age 5 which he does not receive medication for, and in the last year the vet has diagnosed hip dysplasia and arthritis. In addition to his prescribed medicines for his hips and arthritis, I added 4 drops of CBD oil (2 per meal) to his daily diet. He is far more active and in much better form since receiving the oil, and he went for 8 months without an epileptic seizure which is the longest interval since diagnosis! Thank you Neil and thank you CBD Pet Rescue I'm so happy with the difference you have made to my baby!


Debbie, Dublin


Zeus is my Irish champion British Bulldog he has being suffering from arthritis and was unable to do his usual walks and was slowly going downhill. I can't believe the change since using cbd pet rescue. The difference is litreally night and day. I could not recommend highly enough.


Cathy, Dublin