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National Ploughing Championships 2017

recoverycbd national ploughing championships 2017

RecoveryCBD at the National Ploughing Championships

Screggan, Tullamore, Co Offaly, Ireland 2017

recoverycbd stand at the national ploughing championships 2017 

Day one started out sunny, and the craic was flowing! We were excited to start selling our CBD Vape oil and New iCare Vape Kits. Thanks to our seasoned Ploughing veteran Frank, the stall had been set up the night before and all we had to do was put our “Chill the Feck out” CBD tea on to brew. Everyone was delighted to see Mrs Doyle making an appearance, specially one of her old boss's friends!  We were handing out samples of tea, and judging by the smiles on faces it really chills you the feck out on a busy day at the National Ploughing Championships!

Sister Recoverycbd enjoying our chill the feck out tea   sampling recoverycbd chill the feck out tea  debbie and sister recoverycbd  Chill the Feck out tea

Healing with CBD is still a new concept to a lot of people, so we were happy to hand out literature, chat about CBD and how it works with your body. Many of our older customers were intrigued to learn about how our CBD oil can aid pain relief and arthritis symptoms. We always encourage anyone sceptical to do their own research online before buying, so many people promised to come back later in the week.

frank neil and simon talking to customers recoverycbd



Some of the younger generation trying to quit smoking were extremely interested in our CBD Vapes, which are completely nicotine-free and available in 1% and 3% CBD. We have them available in Blueberry, Mint and Hemp with Terpenes.

cbd vapes recoverycbd                recoverycbd cbd vape oil

Day two began cloudy which promptly turned into rain, so the crowds came into the tents and we were run off our feet. Good thing we didn’t go too far as the neighbouring fields turned into a swampy, soggy mess. Lets take a moment to acknowledge the poor cleaners who had to clean the mucky bathroom floors! As you can see, the clouds didnt deter the hordes of people.

Mucky floors   Crowds in tents at the Ploughing 2017  crowds at the ploughing recoverycbd

We had a surprise visit from the local law enforcement agency later in the day who threatened to cart Neil off to gaol for telling too many people to Chill the Feck out!  neil recoverycbd getting arrested

Our neighbours on the opposite stall offered to defend us!

nova pots at the ploughing

and we made great some new friends along the way

 ian debbie simon recovery cbd

On day 3 we were all exhausted, so you can imagine Neil’s joy to wake up to a fantastic message. A lady who had bought our oil on the first day of the ploughing sent us amazing feedback, which gave us the positive boost we needed! 

 recoverycbd review national ploughing championships 2017

Lots of people who had visited the stall over the last few days had heeded our advice and returned to buy CBD oil after researching online. And the last sale of the day? Well they were mad for the grass altogether!

mad for grass chill the feck out    simon frank debbie neil. team recoverycbd

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