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About RecoveryCBD

Neil and KasabianI have been working specifically with CBD for over three years. Due to the amazingly positive results of using it, I decided in 2017 to establish RecoveryCBD as a business, with the aim of promoting optimum health for as many people (and their pets) as possible in THE most natural way.

Because of a serious accident I have gained first-hand experience of using CBD having first gone down the conventional pharmaceutical treatment route without success. I decided to try and find a more natural alternative and so started my journey and discovery of the endocannabinoid system. By introducing cannabinoids into my diet I was able to deal with both my physical and my mental distress and to restore my own natural balance. I am now completely pharmaceutical-free.

For me this quest is a passion and the regular positive feedback from family and friends continues to spur me on in this endevour. CBD has been shown to inhibit the spread of cancerous cells throughout the body and a close family member, having been successfuly treated for breast cancer using both radiation and chemotherapy is now using CBD oil as a preventative measure. My dad takes the oil to help deal with periodic arthritic pain I now have a long list of people who feel the benefits of incorporating CBDs into their diet, by taking either the oil or, as a complete food, by way of “hemp shots”, both of which we supply.

I am passionate about animals and our four dogs and two horses have helped me get through a very difficult time. Indeed I believe that in addition to the introduction of CBD to my diet my rescue horse, Kasabian actually rescued me. I have used CBD oil as an emergency measure when Kasabian was severly distressed with Colic, (an obstruction in the gut). Because of my obsession about the benefits of cannabis i knew that Calavry soldiers in 1800s america were given a cannabis tincture as part of their medical kit to treat Colic. This condition is always serious in horses and can sometimes be fatal. I administered CBD oil, by rubbing it into his gums. Within minutes his panic had subsided and we were then able to walk him back to full recovery in a very short time.

I use the oil to great effect on three of our dogs. Our older Dalmatian Cassie was becoming quite arthritic and incontinent, Muffin (pure-bred mongrel) who, before we rescued her, had become very aggressive and afraid. Initially you couldn’t put a hand to her without the threat of a bite. I immediately introduced CBD oil into her food and she is now a much calmer, happier dog. Finally, Duke, our older mini Dachshund has started to suffer with his back as so many of this breed do. In all cases I believe quality of life has greatly improved due to the introduction of CBD to their diets.

History tells us that animals in the wild self-select this healing herb as part of their diet. Furthermore, cannabis has been used as medicine for over five thousand years. In my opinion, sometimes in order to progress we must look to our past, and always look to nature to help us heal.The success of RecoveryCBD will be assured because we carry out our work with the utmost integrity and from the heart. We aim to always serve our customers with these principles as the cornerstone of our work .

We welcome your comments and would encourage you to share your experience (whether good or bad!) with us and with others. Success is measured by our ability to help one another.

Neil More O'Ferrall        2017