CBD oil in Wexford Full Spectrum Extract

CBD Oil Wexford

CBD Oil Wexford

CBD Oil Wexford – RecoveryCBD has a wide range of CBD oils and products available for sale in our online store. We have fast shipping and deliver to Wexford and throughout Ireland. We are one of Ireland’s best CBD brands and have many reviews on our facebook page from people who our products has helped over the years.

Dosage for CBD Oil  is unique to everyone you will need some trial and error to find your sweet spot. Its a good idea to start slowly, 2-3 drops  3-4 times daily. Once you find the cbd dosage that suits you then reduce the dosage to your own sweet spot. If you do have any questions on dosage or any of our products then  please email us at info@recoverycbd.ie  or message us anytime though our social media pages

You can visit the shop section of our website and browse our oils.

Wexford (Loch Garman) was founded by the Vikings around about 800 AD. Originally named Veisafjǫrðr, meaning “inlet of the mud flats”. Wexford in the sunny south east is a popular destination and holiday spot

As well as our CBD oils we also have a  full range of CBD products. We have a wide range of CBD items in our online shop including CBD Tea, CBD Creams, Isolate, Distillate, Nano Capsules and a whole lot more. All our CBD products are lab tested and are  highly reviewed on our facebook page.