How to Make Iced Chill The Feck Out CBD Tea

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Chill the feck out tea

How we do it

Brew the tea and allow to stew to your preference

(General guidelines are 1 spoon of tea per standard cup, use hot but NOT just-boiled water, steep for 3-5 minutes to taste.)

Strain the tea into a drinks storage container or dispenser, and add some blueberries, sliced lemons and chopped strawberries. Allow the tea to cool to room temperature whilst infusing the fruit flavours.

Mixing the Ice Tea

Scoop of Ice

1 Cup Chill the Feck Out Tea per serving (strained)                                                     

Dash of Sparkling Water

Add 1 pump/shot of Le Sirop de Monin

Decorate with a Lemon Slice, Blueberries, chopped Strawberries, and a sprig of mint

And Serve (usually with a Straw)

Neil Mof

Neil Mof

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